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Shoes Made For You All girls love shoes! They’re intoxicating! From the style of the footwear, the color and the smell of the beautiful leather used. How can we resist? A good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. You spend a lot of time and effort on your clothing so why not the same on your shoes?


Shoes that make your outfit pop are known as statement shoes. You have an outfit that is of one color only so you make a statement ofShoes Made For You
style with footwear in a bright contrasting color. The outfit could be black matched with a pair of

red can be can be worn with a range of clothing styles it’s worth spending extra and get a pair of shoes made for you as they will be the most versatile pair of shoes in your wardrobe. A good pair of leather statement pumps will stay fashionable for many years.

For evening wear treat your feet to a stunning pair of stilettos to elongate your leg and showcase your beautifully manicured feet. But which pair of stilettos will you wear? If your outfit is multi colored or patterned look for a stiletto that showcases one color only. What do you wear with an outfit that is classic looking and of one color only? Let your hair down and go for it! A stiletto

that is bejeweled with rhinestones or a beautifully bright stiletto that wind around your legs will give your outfit color and sex appeal! Please remember if you are wearing footwear that will display the majority of your foot you will need to make sure that your feet dazzle as much as your shoes. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful pair of stilettos on feet that have been neglected.

Shoes Made For You

For the ultimate style queen having shoes made for you is essential! Imagine fantasizing about your dream pair and them made for you. Not only will you love the design and materials used in producing your dream pair but they will fit your feet like a glove. Shoes made for you are made with superior craftsmanship, quality, style, beauty and perfection.

Handmade shoes last longer than the machine made ones. So when you buy the shoes which are manufactured in bulk they may not have perfect finish and can wear out rather quickly. This is the reason why you see so many people always having to buy new pairs every year. When you wear footwear made by hand, they are made in such a way that they long lasting and withstand any amount of wear and tear. Imagine an exquisite pair of shoes made for you that no one else – an ultimate goal for the fashionista!

Shoes Made For You

So now you have a beautiful and vast shoe collection how do you plan to store these masterpieces? For the most decadent shoe display a walk in wardrobe with shelving would be to die for, but let’s face it, not all of this have this luxury so we have to look at other options. If you’re a visual type of person
Shoes Made For You

and need to have all of your wardrobe visible then look to store your shoes in transparent boxes. Remember to group your shoes into categories such as pumps, stiletto, casual, boots etc. These can easily be stacked on top of each other from the floor up. As you rotating your clothing to suit the season you can rotate your shoes. Whichever season you are in make sure you have the footwear for that season easily accessible.

Shoes Made For You

Being a true shoe lover you want to always showcase the latest on trend pieces. Keep your shoe collection current and on trend at the beginning of every season by carrying out a clean out. If you have shoes that you haven’t worn the previous season ie a pair of sandals you haven’t worn last summer then it’s a good chance that you won’t be wearing them this summer. For the fashion lover this is almost impossible but is a necessary evil. Think of it this way, not only will donating the shoes you don’t want to charity give joy to someone else you will also make more space to buy a fresh pair of decadent desirable shoes! It’s a win win!


So why not indulge yourself and have shoes made for you?


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode


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